Best AM3+ CPU for 2021 – Top Best Picks for Gaming

This article presents the best AM3+ CPU list. But before going straight for the CPUs let’s take a look at the history and compatibility of AMD socket form factors to understand it better.

In 2006 May, AMD introduced a new series of sockets to replace the its older sockets (socket 754, socket 939 that were designed for the Athlon series processors).

Socket AM2 was designed to support the DDR2 memory at the time and as the RAM has developed over the years, so does these cool sockets.

The latest socket in the series is AM3+, which is the successor of the AM3 sockets and supports the DDR3 dual-channel memory.  There are total 4 sockets form factor in this version of AMD:

  • Am2 supports DDR2((dual-channel)
  • Am2+ supports DDR2(dual-channel)
  • Am3 supports DDR3(dual-channel)
  • Am3+ supports DDR3(dual-channel)

Now, some common queries about the compatibility of these sockets with each other. Does AM3 CPU works in AM2 motherboards and likewise.

Here is the breakdown of compatibility between AM2, AM3+, AM3, AM3+ processors and motherboards that goes with them.

  • Socket AM3+ motherboards can be installed with Socket AM3 processors given BIOS supports the processor.
  • Socket AM2+ motherboards can be installed with Socket AM3 processors however only DDR2 memory is supported and BIOS must also support.
  • In Socket AM2 motherboards you can install AM3 or AM2+ processors, given BIOS must support the processor, the FSB will run at lower HT 2.0 speed, and DDR2 memory is required.
  • AM2+ motherboards can be installed with Socket AM2 processors.
  • In Socket AM3 motherboards Socket AM2 or AM2+ processors can’t be installed.

AM3+ CPUs for Gaming and General Operation

AM3+ CPUs provides smooth gaming and general operating experience because of their high level of performance.  Its longevity can be accredited to AMD’s affordable pricing and powerful performance. Despite the new Ryzen series entering the market the AM3+ sales remained high because of its intense operation at higher clock speeds, better cores strength, multi-thread features that kept giving good value to the users.

You get its Amazon Prime instream video, and this includes unlimited streaming of the movies, and the TV shows that they have available.

Now, let us take a look at the best AM3+ CPU available in the market:

1. AMD FX-8350

Frequency- 4.0/4.2 GHz

Cores- 8

Cache- 8/8MB

Power wattage- 125W

The latest AMD FX-8350 boast the only 8-core desktop processor functioning at the base clock of 4.0GHz that smoothly takes massive workloads of gaming and intense productivity tasks. With base clock already so high, CPU supports high power gaming moreover, it has AMD’s Overdrive system that overclocks it to 4.2GHz for even more faster processing and output.

The innovative BULLDOZER architecture is present that is designed in such a way, to use minimum power. The unit is able to work on 4 or 6 cores depending upon the workload at any given time.

The performance of the CPU is smooth for multi-media tasks and despite 8MB of L2 Cache and 8MB of L3 Cache that is lesser than other CPU in its price range, it manages to transition effortlessly between multiple intensive applications like video editing and 3D modeling simultaneously. The only downside may be its heating during long use that needs extra cooler to keep its temperature down, otherwise the AMD FX-8350 is the most impressive AM3+ CPU out there.

AMD Overdrive technologyCPU temperature hikes during marathon sessions
Bulldozer architecture increases overclocking potential.The cooling fan gets loud
32 nanometer die shrink decreases leakage and improve efficiency

2. AMD FX- 8370

Frequency- 4.0/4.3 GHz

Cores- 8

Cache- 8/8MB

Power wattage- 125W

The incredible overclocking ability and quiet operation makes it a silent killer in the list of best AM3+ CPUs. Ensuring fast and reliable system performance at a very reasonable price this CPU is like a GOLD against all of its competitor.

Base frequency is 4.0GHz which in itself is fast enough to take heavy workloads and on the top of that Overdrive software clocks it up to 4.3GHz for a creamy performance. With 8MB L2 and 8MB L3 cache memory the multitasking gets super swift and smooth.

Wrath cooler maintains the temperature and that too very deftly without any noise.  You can play all your heavy games without any noise and disturbance.

High base speed 4.0GHzHigh power consumption
Silent operation
Efficient cooling system

3. AMD FX 8300

Frequency- 3.3/4.2 GHz

Cores- 8

Cache- 8/8MB

Power wattage- 95W

The FX 8300 belongs to the Vishera Line of CPUs that are mainly designed for multi-tasking purposes. FX-8300 is one of the best CPU in this line. The eight-core processor keeps the programs running together while the 64-bit support provided by the CPU keeps your work intact.

The 32-nanometer die shrink reduces the leakage to provide a much higher efficiency. It’s an aggressive processor that works many tasks at a time with precision.

The temperature remains at working condition because of the modified thermal design. The Bulldozer Architecture uses less power without sacrificing the performance.

It is a budget CPU that packs all the required features to carry out heavy and multiple tasks at once. It is astonishingly productive boasting great features.

Low power consumption.Needs proper debugging.
Budget 8-core CPUPower connection source cable is short.
8-threads for multi-tasking

4. AMD FX 6300

Frequency- 3.3/4.1 GHz

Cores- 6

Cache- 8/8MB

Power wattage- 95W

FX-6300 is great for gamers looking for a good base clock and Overdrive feature for overclocking. Base speed of 3.5 is ideal for any general tasks and gaming and for high-end use and extra heavy load the clock speed can be increased up to 4.1GHz.

The CPU has low noise and works efficiently for all your low-power and high-power tasks. DDR3 memory channels function well and 8-threads manages the multi-tasking pretty proficiently. The 2MB L2 Cache and 8MB L3 cache are effective in storing the data and provide quick output.

For medium heavy users this CPU is optimal. From general tasks to most of the high end games and software’s can be easily used.

Variety of motherboard compatibility.Poor single-core performance
Graphic card requirements are reasonable at maximum settings.Liquid cooling feature may be required for intense overclocking.
Secure design of the CPU keeps the content from being worn.

The ATX Motherboards are developed by INTEL to offer better options for gamers and high end users. 

5. AMD FX 4300

Frequency- 3.2/4.0 GHz

Cores- 4

Cache- 4/4MB

Power wattage- 95W

The AMD FX 4300 is designed with 4-cores and 3.80 GHz processing speed which makes it quite reliable for most of the heavy tasks. Also, it produces higher frame rates at high resolutions. The faster audio encoding is located in the system for better music experience.

Along with high processor speed, it has got powerful cooling solutions. The thermal design is efficient in keeping the engine running at high-power use. It achieves the goal of strong performance with better memory, and overclocking speed.

4.2GHz straight speed.Fewer threads as compare to another model.
Powerful cooling solution.Higher price
Next-generation architecture.

6. AMD FX 8150

Frequency- 3.8/4.2 GHz

Cores- 8

Cache- 8/8MB

Power wattage- 125W

The MAD FX8150 Black edition offers a smooth responsive game play. It is designed in such a way that enhances the overclocking abilities for faster speed. The Bulldozer architecture processes the multi-tasking efficiently with less power consumption.

The CPU is built for Dynamic performance and continuous high-end use.

The heatsink installed with a fan to sustain the temperature under high workloads. This enables system to work at its peak for longer hours. Also, temperature damage is minimum that increases the longevity of the component. 

For gamers and high-end users FX 8150 offers excellent features and performance. Multi-tasking can be easily performed on its 8-core processor and power processors. For video multi-media users this CPU offers great features.

Larger cache dataNeed strong BIOS update
Heatsink with fan
Consistent performance

7. AMD FX 4130

Frequency- 3.8/4.2 GHz

Cores- 4

Cache- 4/4MB

Power wattage- 125W

AMD FX 4130 is constructed with high cores and thread counts with one of the most formal price tags. The lightening fast speed takes the processor to another level for an unreal performance. The overclocking speed is better than the previous version products.

Its features make it a useful processor for people looking for a powerful performance in a small budget. Provides swift speed for most mainstream tasks.

Latest technology CPUs are giving strong features exceeding their limits and FX-4130 offers the same value to its customers.

Budget-friendlyNoisy fan
Easy overclockSlightly more power consumption
Fast processor

8. PHENOM II X4 840

Frequency- 3.1 GHz

Cores- 4

Cache- 4MB

Power wattage- 95W

The Phenom II X4 840 is a low budget performance CPU that boasts a quad-core processor. Although, one thing that lacks in this processor that other Phenom II processor have is the L3 cache memory. But its compatibility with RAM is absolute as it supports both DDR3 and DDR2 types.

The X4 840 gives user a good option to build a low-budget system for their general computer needs. For everyday work and recreation, there’s enough to enjoy. The budget of this processor is around $100 and that’s why it is in this list for good performance in low-cost.

If you’re looking for a dynamic processor in Phenom range than X4 975 is an excellent option.

Good price-to-performance ratio.Not for high-end gaming.
Compatible to both DDR3 & DDR4
Competitive pricing

9. AMD FX 6200

  • Frequency- 3.8/4.1 GHz
  • Cores- 6
  • Cache- 6/8MB
  • Power wattage- 125W

The base clock for this CPU is clocked at 3.8 GHz which is quite fast and max. speed is 4.1 GHz. The TDP is 125W. power consumption is high but is has got hefty heatsink and fan combination that handles the thermal load easily. This lets it work for longer period of time without any performance reduction.

The processor is unlocked so it’s easier to overclock. The multi-tasking is quite good as it has powerful core performance and 6 threads. 

Framerates are stable and doesn’t seem to lag for normal uses. Graphics and videos are stable and display is beautiful.

Consistent fast CPU speed.Hard to install
Stable FrameratesOverclocking boost not as good as others in similar price range
Adds more control for various applications.

Now, coming at the end of this list we hope that you got relevant information for your need.

The best CPU on this list performance wise is the AMD FX 8350, FX 8370 and FX 8300 because of their super-fast CPU and multi-core and multi-thread feature. They’ll handle all your heavy-games and multi-tasking tools very efficiently without any lag whatsoever.

For low-budget AMD FX 4310 and Phenom II are two rewarding options. They have good price and decent performance for their price. Doesn’t come with overclock, so if you are not a heavy gamer, it might work perfect for your use.

What is the best AM3+ CPU?

The best AM3+ CPU is the AMD FX 8350. It has got powerful base clock and with Overdrive technology performs high-end tasks efficiently. The power consumption is also minimum. Although it gets hot over extended use, the external cooler can help if you’re looking to use it for long period of time at a stretch.

For high-end gaming or productivity software such as video editing or 3D modelling this CPU is highly effective.

LGA 1151 supports Intel 8th and 9th generation processors. And all the 8th and 9th generation CPU supports 64GB or 128GB RAM. It is vital to check the RAM as it impacts the speed of the computer.

How to install AM3+ CPU?

Step 1: Take out the motherboard from its box and remove the protective packaging. Place the anti-static bag or foam mat under the motherboard to protect it before laying it down on a flat surface.

Step 2: Gently lift up the socket’s metal lever to prepare the socket to receive a processor. This exposes the AM3+ socket to make it possible to insert the processor. Check the small triangle casted into one corner of the socket, this is the processor alignment symbol.

Remove the AMD processor from its box and plastic clam shell packaging. Take off the protective plastic chip carrier cover by holding the processor by its corners. Inspect the underside of the AMD socket AM3 processor and check the gold pins to ensure none are bent and that no external substance is present.

Clutch the processor by its edges, position the chip so the small gold triangle faces the small alignment triangle moulded into the top of the AM3+ socket. Put the processor gently into the socket, ensuring that its pins align with the socket without any resistance. The CPU should literally drop into the socket.

Final Conclusion

Buying a new computer component is always exciting and confusing. But, once you get the hang of your needs and understand what features are required in your system then you can easily build an efficient system as per your requirement.

Hope this article must have solved most of your queries regarding AM3+ CPUs and their selection. Enjoy building your PC!

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